Welcome to The Spirit of Life™ web site!

If you have learned of the work we do, it's likely you already know how extraordinary and precious Life is.

The Spirit of Life™ initiative embraces the stories of those that have experienced lasting healing and restoration, then documents them, authenticates them, organizes them, and presents them in a manner consistent with the highest standards of journalism and entertainment media, supported by respected medical practitioners throughout the world.  These audio-visual media experiences serve as critical educational tools, and beacons of real hope and clarity, for everyone impacted by an ailment or disease - including friends, family, and the dedicated medical professionals that serve all of us.

As our research and development efforts grow each year, we continue to draw from the most intimate and inspiring sources available today - you!  We hope you enjoy the experiences and connections you find as a result of this initiative.

Truly, from everyone impacted by this initiative, thank you for your love and courage,


The Spirit of Life™ Project Team